IAGES Fellowship Course Details

1. IAGES Advanced Fellowship Course (FALS)

IAGES will conduct a 3 days certification Fellowship course at Nidhi Hospital, Ahmedabad from 26th to 28th Oct 2018. The course will be a balanced mix of didactic lectures by eminent faculty with ample time for discussion, video presentations, open house session, symposia and direct informal interaction of groups with eminent faculty (Meet the Professor). We are planning to make available Lap Mentor for live simulated hands-on surgical experience of advanced laparoscopy. The objectives of the course are to impact / update theoretical knowledge by close interaction and improving hand eye co-ordination. There will be many unique features in the course to make it more useful, convenient and memorable for you.

2. Live Workshop on Laparoscopic Surgery

A live operative workshop will be held on 28/10/18. Commonly practised advanced laparoscopic hernia procedures will be shown by eminent faculties who are masters in their field with emphasis on the correct practices. The workshop shall be an open house interactive session with the delegate at the Centre point.

3. Assessment for Certification

At the end of the course the candidates will be assessed for the certification. The method of assessment will depend on whether the candidate is in Examination category or Non - Examination Category.

4. Eligibility for FALS Course

If you are not an IAGES member, you may apply for the !AGES membership on www.iages.in and give required details & Pay online.

Non Examination Category :

Senior laparoscopic surgeons who have 10 years and more experience in Laparoscopic Hernia surgery after PG is eligible to appear in Non Exam Category. Candidates should have performed over 100 surgeries and need to submit evidence to substantiate the claim. Candidate needs to attend all 3days of course. Interview by IAGES board member before certification during the course will be conducted. Maximum of 100 candidates can attend under this category.

Examination Category :

Surgeons need to have minimum 5 years experience in Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery after PG. Surgeons need to have performed over 25 laparoscopic hernia procedures either jointly or independently. Candidate needs to attend program on all 3 days where written examination will be conducted on 2nd and viva will be conducted on 3rd day.
Examination will be 10 Questions with 10 marks each and passing marks will be 50 marks. VIVA will be for 100 marks and passing marks will be 50 marks.

Practical examination will be based on following criteria
  • Assessment of videos of Hernia Surgeries submitted.
  • Cases shown in live workshop.
  • Case scenarios for decision making.
  • Publications of papers in national and international journals.
  • Paper presentation in State, National and International conference.
  • Conferences attended during the last five years.
  • Chapters in Text Book /Author of Books.
  • Other achievements / award / honors / recognitions.

* The final result will be compiled after the completion of interview. *

5. Instructions to Course Participants
  1. Attendance is compulsory for all course participants on all days.
  2. Participants are requested to sign - in and sign - out four times a day (in & out pre lunch and in and out post lunch) which is mandatory and stay in hall till the proceedings are over. For every in and out a new register will be maintained. marks will be given for the attendance.
  3. Participants are requested to reach Ahmedabad on 25th October evening or 26th October before 8.00 am without fail. Registration will be open on 26th October Morning 7.00 am.
  4. Venue : Hyatt Regency, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  5. All exam category Participants are requested to be present for the exam at the announced time on Sunday 28th October2018.
  6. Participants in the Non - Exam category (above 10 years of experience in MAS) will appear for an interview on 27th - 28th October2018.
  7. The last sign - out will be on Sunday 2 pm.

6. Award of Fellowship Certificate

All Fellowship Certificates will be given only in person to the successful candidates in Grand Convocation Ceremony in February 2019 during the National Conference of (AGES in Bhubneshwar. A Nominal fee shall be charged for the convocation. For online Registration please log in to www.iages2019.com

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